How to hide/unhide fields (visible event) based on window.variable

Discussion created by JelleD on Oct 7, 2019
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Hi Community,


anyone any Idea how to hide/unhide (visible property) fields based on a window variable instead of a form-field value.

For an approval form and workflow I have to show(unhide) the required approver fields based on the output of a query. I prefer to run the query once instead of running it for every approver field ;-)
I have an formload action which sets the window variables at start(initial) to false (0) but when form-input changes a query (to an Authorisation Matrix) is triggered which check which approver-fields have to be enabled.

I set the variables to true (1), but the visible event is not triggered.  If I create an additional field in my main list something like useDirectorApprover [Yes/No] and sets this to Yes or No based on query output the visible event is triggerd, but this is not really what I want. I prefer to have as less columns in my main list as possible.


this is how my visible event, type Function Code,  looks-like:

return (window.CatDirector==1?true:false);          



I can imagine that visible event is only listening/triggering to form-events (form field changes), but is there something I can do without adding a lot of "helper"-columns to achieve the desired behaviour?

Just wondering if there are other options....?