Comparing Current Date with another Date and Restriction the LOV choice Value

Discussion created by cemt on Nov 29, 2019
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I have a Skybow Form in edit option for my end user. There is choice field (Teknik Bölüm Termin Talep) as the values selectable(LOV) like ;

Evet 1.Termin

Evet 2.Termin

Evet 3.Termin




As you see There are also 3 date fields which are not editable (I have calculated and set it from my nintext Worklow)

Teknik Bolum 1.Termin

Teknik Bolum 2.Termin

Teknik Bolum 3.Termin


Now What I want is that my user must not select  from LOV (TeknikBolum Termin Talep) as the values;

"Evet 2.Termin" OR "Evet.3.Termin" While my user editing the FORM if the current time earlier then the date of  "Teknik Bolum.1Termin"  I need a warning message apperaring onto screen like that


"You are not allowed to choose "Evet 2.Termin" because current date is earlier then


So how can I write a condition behind the field of my (Teknik Bölüm Termin Talep) and according the selection compares

CurrenDate and 3 date fields?