skybow Solution Studio: How to start

Video created by Matthias_Walter Employee on Sep 4, 2016

    Important notes:

    If you are facing any issue on accessing the solution studio interface or the dossier wizard fails creating the dossier or the dossier styles are not the same as in the video above?

    Please check the following:


    1. Is your tenant enabled for first release? If not, please enable it.

    How can I enable/disable first release for my O365 tenant?

    2. Does you tenant allow users to run custom scripts? if not, please enable it.

    How can I allow/prevent users to run custom scripts on SharePoint Online?

    3. What type of site template are you using?

    We mainly tested on a team site. If you are using something different and you've done step 1 & 2, we advise you to go ahead with a team site for now and report your site template to us using the feedback buttons in the footer or using the community.

    If you got any other question, please use the Discussions Solution Studio Online

    Have a good start!