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Possibility to automatically delete Folder and Documents when Dossier is deleted



  • Patric Zollinger

    If I mean the same as you it's easily to do this.

    • Just implement the case File functionality.
    • In the Lookup Column of the Sublist you can find the following Property:



    This is not Special for Dossiers, you can use this Lookup-Property everywhere you want. It's SP OTB.

  • Christof Nussbaumer

    Hi Patric Zollinger


    You're right, that's easy to configure with SP ootb for Sublist-Items because they are related with Lookup functionality.


    But this does not work for Sublibrary-Folders and Documents because the relation to the Dossier is not built with the Lookup functionality.


    Thanks for your input, describes easy how to configure Cascade Deletion for Sublist-Items.

  • Patric Zollinger

    ahh... now I see your Point... yes that would be nice.  


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