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Refresh Sub-Grid in Modern-Dossier




  • Official comment
    skybow Support

    Hi eiben,

    this has been implemented and released on April 24 ->

    Sublists are now auto refreshing like oob list views are doing as well. Please note that it can take some seconds until the sublist view gets refreshed.


    BR Matthias

  • Christof

    Hi Henning Eiben
    The way of closing and reopen the panel to reload form data is not the case anymore. In initial Modern Dossier release we improved the Reload action that now reloads the panel only where it's executed/placed on.

    Therefore you can place a "Refresh" button on your forms like that:

    We'll keep that idea for the case to have possibility to refresh/reload only specific sublist controls on form.

  • eiben



    you are right - I already recognized the new behavior of the reload action. I didn't think of placing a button somewhere to have a reload-function.


    However ... since there is currently not an elegant way to place multiple buttons on a form, I would very much to have the button in the sub-list-grid-comman-bar ...


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