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Change column caption in Modern UI form



  • Matthias Walter

    Hi Tomislav Karafilov,

    at the moment you have 2 options whether to change the column title or the description in the field settings


    For now the field label on the modern form cannot be different to the column name.


    BR Matthias

  • Fernando Alves

    Hi Matthias Walter is there any update on this feature, or is there an alternative that would allow changing the label of a field using modern forms?

    It is common in my solutions to create forms with long text for the fields, which are cumbersome to use as the column name. For example:


    Field name Text Description Validation
    ProfitsYear "How much gold, per year, do you expect to approximately dig out?" Please provide an approximate amount in kilograms. Please provide a number.





  • Christof Nussbaumer

    Hi Fernando Alves,

    the field label on Modern Forms is not customizable at this moment. Please add this feature request to Ideas Solution Studio Online to find out if this is a high demanded functionality on Modern Forms.


    For now I would suggest for your case to use an additional Rich Text control with formatted text information like that:



  • Tomislav Karafilov

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