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Sublist data entry navigation




  • BartW

    Hi Connie,


    This seems to be a bug, I will report it to the development team. They will try to reproduce it and then fix it. If thy can't reproduce they might contact you to see it in your environment.





  • ConnieN



    Can you please check on this for me - I've not heard anything.

    Thank you

  • y.stetsyuk

    Hi Connie,


    Sorry for delay. Unfortunately we are not able to reproduce the issue on our side.


    Could you please provide more details about it?

    1) What browser are you using?
    2) Is navigation working correctly by pressing keyboard arrows key: Up, Down?
    3) Which form is this issue occurred? New/Edit/Display form? Screenshots will be  well appreciated.
    4) Please send us more details about your RF configuration: Have you added some actions/expressions for RF?
    5) Please export RF configuration (RICH FORMS tab in ribbon -> Export) and send us this "*.RFF" file. Please save your sub lists and main list as template without content (List Settings -> Save list as template) and send it to us.

    It will really help us to determine the problem. Please send details to


    Otherwise, we can schedule online support meeting on next week. We are available from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00 (GMT+1).


    Best regards,
    Yuriy Stetsyuk


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