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Image Columns - Tablet-iPad - Issue with multiple Images



  • Taylor Ram


    I am circling back to this, as it is becoming a pain to try to work around. It appears that Skybow forms handle Images differently than OOB Sharepoint forms.

    I have tested Skybow forms as both dossiers + sublists & as just a single modified form. Both have the same behavior. All testing was done via an iPad.

    When Images are captured within a Skybow form, every Image file is saved as "Image.jpg". *If only one Image is captured, and then the form is Saved, Closed and then reopened, the filenames for all Images are then captured as Image1.jpg. 

    OOB Sharepoint forms are able to store atleast 20 Images in a single Save event. OOB Sharepoint forms seem to designate a GUID style filename when saving Images.

    2 Screenshots below that might help... (Note the file name differences. The only other difference I noticed is the OOB Sharepoint version has 2 additional columns as well, as it seems to be capturing additional Location and date metadata.)


    I have scoured the web for anything vaguely similar... nothing useful.

    Any thoughts on a path forward? Is this expected behavior?

    Much appreciated,


  • skybow Support

    Hi Taylor

    We will improve/fix uploading images with multiple image columns on the skybow forms. An error you reported related to the parallel uploading of the files with the same name.

    Just follow for Solution Studio Release notes (approximately the fix will be at the end of the next week).

    Also, you mention additional columns like MediaServiceDateTaken, Location, etc.

    This is the result of the Image Analysis feature of Office365.

    If shortly when the image is uploaded on a background Media Services proceed with images and fill in additional info for the MediaService... columns.

    Seems this works after the images are uploaded and the issue you have related to the uploading process during form save.


    In our tests, image names in SiteAssets->Lists always equal the original names of photos/pictures the user uploads, exept case when existing picture on iPad used for image field value (then iPad automatically generate guid and it's not related to the form itself)

    Not sure that it changed afterwards again.  If the same name is detected, SharePoint handles it automatically (add a number at the end).

    If you have additional questions fill free to contact us.


    Best Regards

    skybow Support Team

  • skybow Support

    Hi Taylor

    We have released a fix for uploading images with multiple image columns on the skybow forms.

    Best Regards

    skybow Support Team


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