• User experience during solution update

      The Package & Publish provisioning feature of skybow Solution Studio allows you to provide fast and robust delivery of your custom SharePoint solution from development to...

  • Where do I see the tenant/farm ID?

    For us to issue a license, we would need to know your tenant or farm ID.The easiest way to get this is, if you install skybow Rich Forms from the store and go to the addin ...

  • Do I have to pay for a Test or Development Tenant as well?

    The answer is: No. If you have licensed a productive farm, one additional staging farm for test or development is included for free. In our Premium or Enterprise Support P...

  • Is skybow Solution Studio working in the German Cloud?

    The answer is: Yes!It is working exactly the same as in the public/world-wide cloud.

  • Is skybow Solution Studio working in a Multi-Geo tenant?

    The answer is: Yes!It is working exactly the same as in a single location environment.

  • How can I enable/disable first release for my O365 tenant?

    Login to your O365 Admin Center and go to the Organization profile page under Settings:Here you can activate first release for everyone or just for selected users.

  • How can I cancel my license of a solution?

    If you want to cancel your subscription/license of a skybow product, please contact us at with the following information: Customer Name Tenant / ...