Planned Features that are planned and will come into development due to its priority.

Enhance Action Builder and Expression Builder

The common action builder, used in Form Actions, List Actions and Background Actions (Scheduled and Triggered) needs a refreshment to make it more intuitive.

Drag'n'drop configuration, easily enable/disable single actions, access output values from previous actions etc.

Our Expression Builder also needs a makeover to use drag'n'drop configuration and to find a field or function more quickly.

Community Idea: Pass values from one action to next

Sometimes you need the result or a return value from a previous action. We will extend our action builder to simply access values from previous actions through the context objects.


Modern Actions Webpart

A Webpart to place skybow Action buttons with different layout options on Pages and Forms.

Modern Forms Webpart for Embedding

Embed your existing Modern Forms in Pages with this Webpart.