Planned Features that are planned and will come into development due to its priority.

(Conditional) Formatting for Modern Forms

An easy way to style forms is highly recommended by the community. Therefore we plan to implement general forms styling and conditional formatting functionality in Modern Forms feature.
This includes:
- General styles for certain control types
- Specific styles for each control
- Dynamic styles when a condition gets true (Conditional Formatting)
- A preview to see the styles directly applied to the current form

Modern Forms Webpart for Embedding

Embed your existing Modern Forms in Pages with this Webpart.

Modern Actions Webpart

A Webpart to place skybow Action buttons with different layout options on Pages and Forms.

Community Idea: Pass values from one action to next

Sometimes you need the result or a return value from a previous action. We will extend our action builder to simply access values from previous actions through the context objects.


Modern Forms (Dossier) enhancement: Formatting of sublist's and sublibrary's views

The view formatting configured in oob is as well applied on sublists and sublibraries on Modern Forms.