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How to migrate sublibraries to use custom folder name format


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  • Christof

    How to easily get Dossier's related subfolder name

    In Actions where you have to specify a foldername/path (e.g. Document Generator Output, Copy/Move Document etc.) which you had earlier defined the sub folder as static folder name like this: MainlistName-[[ID]]

    You can use this Expression to get the name of the Dossier related folder (since the folder name is not static anymore):

    [[@Web.GetFirstValueForQuery('[[@Web.ServerRelativeUrl]]/SublibraryName', '<Where><And><Eq><FieldRef Name="LookupToMainList" LookupId="TRUE" /><Value Type="Lookup">[[ID]]</Value></Eq><Eq><FieldRef Name="FSObjType" /><Value Type="Integer">1</Value></Eq></And></Where>', 'FileLeafRef')]]

    just replace SublibraryName and LookupToMainList with your list and column name


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