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Support forms on mobile devices - Responsive Web Design




  • Daniel Wyss

    Unfortunately classic SharePoint pages are not responsive. So we could actually make the forms part customized using Rich Forms responsive, but the pages will still not work responsively. Luckily a new modern SharePoint page experience is coming, which provides fully responsive pages from the start. We aim to implement responsive forms with Rich Forms as soon as Microsoft makes customizing these modern pages available. The forms can then be filled out easily on any device and will even work with the Microsoft's SharePoint mobile app.

    We'll keep you informed about progress on this important feature.

  • Martijn de Bont

    Any idea on the progress of this feature?

  • Christof Nussbaumer

    Hi Martijn de Bont


    I just quote the statement from Adis Jugo he gave here not long ago:Theme Designer and Modern Pages:

    all our resources are now working on support for modern pages and modern lists. So, the answer is yes, however we still cannot communicate exact roadmap, since the tasks in this area re quite complex.

  • Matthias Walter

    Hi all,

    I wanted to give you a quick update on this one.

    we are currently in final phase of our new modern forms feature which will become public the next months. This will be for modern lists only.

    If you want to stay with classic forms and skybow rich forms (since there will be much more possibilities at least in the beginning months) but still make it responsive, we have a new possibility for you with our technology partner BindTuning from Portugal. They are specialists in SharePoint Branding and have extended their themes with skybow styles which are making our forms fully responsive.

    Please read this blog post about it or get back to us if you want to have more information.

    SharePoint-based business apps: high-performance, good looking and responsive? Sure! 


    Cheers Matthias

  • Christof Nussbaumer

    New We released new Modern Forms feature for modern SP lists that provides responsiveness on mobile devices.


    Check out the Release Notes for detailed information:Release Notes Solution Studio Online 

    Initial release was at the beginning of February: Solution Studio Update 06.02.2019

    In the meantime we already did a lot of improvements and are sill working on it to provide more functionality in this feature.


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